In our fastmoving time it’s often impossible to retire for meditation.

Evolem got developped to inform our somatic cells with healing vibrations, created by several  (earth-) healing rituals.

Evolem vibrates very highly with about 14'000 bovis and is created to the highest well-being of humans, animals and environment.

Evolem is free of manipulative aim and contains vibes of :

  • All-encompassing, absolute love
  • Healing of the 4 elements : fire, water, earth and air
  • Healing of male and female energies and their parts within us
  • Healing of contaminated nature, caused by human intervention
  • Dissolution of chemtrails and their toxic substances
  • Retrieve self-empowerment


I transmitted the whole package of vibes of all (earth-) healing rituals on homöopathic globules made of xylit*, so everybody can inform his own somatic cells with these high vibes.

Evolem can be used all about: inform the somatic cells, put into the drinking water of animals* and plants, to be put into waters, for own (earth-) healing ceremonies or whatever. Be creative !


Dosage to inform the somatic cells :

(lasts about 24 hours in the somatic cells)

Women and children : 1 globule

Men : 2 globules

Drinking water of animals: 1-5 globules,  depending on size.

As *xylit is toxic for several animals please let me know when ordering Evolem, that it will be used for animals (= animal Evolem). So I’ll use normal globules!! Thank you!

Watering can: about 1-5 globules depending on size


Packing and price:

Packing unit about 450 globules (10 gr.)    CHF / EUR 38.-   

Postal charges : CHF / EUR 5.-


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